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Jackal: Rift Opening Dates

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Jackal: The Creatures of Jackal

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Jackal: The Next Frontier

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Client Update: 15/AUG/19 Mac Client Available

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Valrei International. 089

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ARK: Genesis Season Pass is Live Now!

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We're excited to introduce the next saga in the ARK universe, Genesis. Grab the Season Pass now and gain access to a unique H.L.N.A. cosmetic! Check out more information about Genesis and the Season Pass below:

The Visitor - Live Stream and Community Updates

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Community UpdateHey Survivors, We're excited to announce we'll be streaming on August 8th at 10am PST to talk about some exciting news concerning the future of ARK. You don't want to miss it! We've created a VR countdown to get…

Patch Notes 1/AUG/19 Elevation bugfixes

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Valrei International. 088

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Status Report - July 2019

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Dear Survivors! DayZ is now out on all the major platforms – PC, Xbox, and PS4. You've probably seen team changes on social networks and are wondering: what's next? Of course, that's only

Cron Job Starts