New ARK Cluster!

New ARK Cluster!

Good news everyone!

We have finally gotten round to unleashing our new dedicated games server machine and have just launched two BRAND NEW Ark : Survival Evolved servers for new players and old to come and play on. Better still, both these servers are clustered together which allows cross connectivity between the two for those invasion events and hostile colonisation efforts we're all rather fond of here.

The first server [GAMINGNOW.NET] Ark Prime is a classic "The Island" map that has been configured to allow connectivity to a brand new "Scorched Earth" map running on it's twin server, [GAMINGNOW.NET] Ark Scorched Earth. Assuming for a moment you have the recently released paid DLC "Scorched Earth" you can create a character on Ark Prime and then transfer over (via Obelisks) to the Scorched Earth server for a spot of Wyvern hunting, marauding and crafting a unique set of new equipment and weapons (Did I hear someone say CHAINSAW and FLAMETHROWER?) while evading deadly sand and lightning storms and the ever so fearsome shai-hulud (ok, they are actually just called DEATH WORMS but you probably get the reference).

Of course, you can opt to start your survival exploits on the Scorched Earth server and when you become hardened and dusty hop over to The Islands green and pleasant land but you'll probably get eaten, burned, clawed and stomped quite a lot before you find your feet. Oh and dehydrated, clearly.

Regardless, both servers are now up and running on our usual PVPVE ruleset and config modifications. Connection details are within our Ark Server Info page along with further info on the Scorched Earth and cluster setup.

We look forward to being murdered by you somewhere on the extended GAMINGNOW Ark world shortly.

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