GamingNow Ark Server TRIPPLE XP Weekend!

GamingNow Ark Server TRIPPLE XP Weekend!

It's TRIPPLE XP time this weekend on the GamingNow Ark Server!

That means three times the skilling up fun for new and low level survivors for this one time weekend special event!

Enabling this is on the day we open up the GamingNow website for a work in progress preview is clearly coincidental and in no way designed to encourage to take the plunge. The very notion is ridiculous and anybody suggesting such a thing will most likely be in line for a sudden and brutal trampling. HOWEVER, should curious new folks happen to innocently stop by whilst perusing the new website I dare say nobody is going to object to them being able to take advantage of this random and completely unplanned event.

You can join in immediately just by clicking HERE or if you fancy doing it later on feel free to visit the GamingNow ARK Server Page for full details.

The TRIPPLE XP WEEKENDER event kicks off after the server restart at 18:00 gmt this evening and concludes at 09:00 gmt Monday 16th May.

I'll see you in there. o/

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