Aopoa San'tok.yāi

Aopoa San'tok.yāi

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Dear Citizen, The Aopoa Council cordially requests your presence at an exclusive gala, commemorating the release of their new medium fighter, the ferocious San’tok.yāi.

In celebration of the recently passed Human-Xi'an trade initiative, Aopoa is pulling out all the stops in unveiling their latest - a medium fighter that harnesses the power of Xi'an mil-tech, capable of inspiring awe and dismay in even the stoutest adversaries.

You're invited to Prime, Terra for a one-of-a-kind foray into Xi'an culture, as we raise a toast, or many, to the San’tok.yāi and the continually increasing goodwill between our great civilizations. This star-studded formal affair features the famous āluo'a Pō’syu e Ngi’’a as its centerpiece. Performed in its unabridged fourteen-hour form by the incomparable Nyaāluo'a se Ngē who, even at his advanced age, still touches hearts and rumbles bowels with his dulcet sub-sonic tones. Joining him onstage will be Terra's own King City Rhythm Collective, their dance prowess melding harmoniously with's time-bending vocals to weave a stirring tribute to the unique poetry of motion and the freedom of flight itself. A fitting coronation for the San’tok.yāi that must be experienced to be believed. An extravagant banquet will be provided and catered by none other than Nyaoten Yiim se Mu’ao, who is widely renowned for pioneering unheard levels of "haut gout" in her cuisine. Human entrees will be available upon request. The event culminates in the dramatic reveal of the San’tok.yāi - Aopoa's most ambitious human conversion to date and the future of spaceflight as you know it. We would be humbled and honored for you to join us in this singular experience.

Discover Aopoa

The San’tok.yāi, for the true Xi’an ship enthusiast.

From the unmistakably angular profile to the game-changing dual-vector thrusters now-synonymous with the brand, Aopoa continues the tradition of bold and distinctive design while continually pursuing further advancements in technology, engineering, and combat. With the San’tok.yāi, we're introducing to the Human market Yeng’tu Laser Repeaters, inspired by Xi'an mil-tech and tailor-made by Torral Aggregate for this model. Coupled with our latest thrusters and power components, the daunting custom weapons package lends the San’tok.yāi a potent punch, and will make you rethink the very concept of the light-medium fighter.

Max Crew1 Mass106,566kg Length24m Width23m Height10m Explore the San’tok.yāi

Aopoa is pushing the boundaries of spaceflight and introducing the Human market to the next evolution of Xi'an tech and design innovation. Find out how these ships literally fly circles around the competition. To find out more visit the San’tok.yāi Q&A

The Cutting Edge

Welcome to the future of spaceflight, courtesy of the Xi’an Empire. We know you’ll enjoy your flight.

Aopoa San'tok'yāi Anniversary 2018 Warbond - Standalone Ship $195.00 USD In stock more infoAdd to Cart Aopoa San'tok'yāi Anniversary 2018 - Standalone Ship $220.00 USD In stock more infoAdd to Cart


The San'tok.yāi is being offered for the first time as a limited ship concept pledge. This means that the ship design meets our specifications, but it is not yet ready to display in your Hangar or to fly in Star Citizen. The Warbond pledges shown here include Lifetime Insurance on the ship hull. In the future, the ship price may increase and Lifetime Insurance or any extras may not be available.


Remember: we offer pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development. The funding received from events such as these are what allow us to include deeper features in the Star Citizen world. Concept ships will be obtainable in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game.

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