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Gerne Broteau transferred into Republic custody

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2013-06-13 17:43By CCP EterneLuminaire – Gerne Broteau, the convicted mass-shooter responsible for the death of Karin Midular, was remanded into Minmatar Republic custody today. A fleet of Republic Security Services ships arrived at the Federal Intelligence Office station in Oursulaert,…

Private funeral held for Visera Yanala; Megacorp CEOs attend

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2013-06-13 14:58By CCP EterneCaldari Prime – The family of deceased Caldari Navy Admiral Visera Yanala held a private funeral on Caldari Prime last evening. The family turned down a military funeral with full honors for the posthumously honored war hero,…

Siege of Haatomo enters day 2

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2013-06-11 13:59By CCP EterneHaatomo – Officials have confirmed that the group who has taken control of Haatomo VII – Moon 3 Caldari Contructions Warehouse, led by State Executor Tibus Heth, had planned on using the station as a staging area…

Siege of Haatomo continues; Provist intentions unclear

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2013-06-10 20:43By CCP Falcon HAATOMO - The situation on board the sieged Caldari Constructions Warehouse in orbit of Haatomo VII - Moon 3 remains largely unchanged this evening after a tense stand-off between Provist forces on board, and Caldari Navy…

Breaking News: Provists seize Haatamo station; Tibus Heth leading

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2013-06-10 18:59By CCP Eterne HAATOMO – A force of Provists and Templis Dragonaurs have seized control of the Caldari Constructions Warehouse around Haatamo VII – Moon 3.

Broteau sentenced; to be extradited to Republic

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2013-06-01 14:19By CCP Eterne LUMINAIRE – Gerne Broteau was sentenced to twelve consecutive life sentences in Caille District Court today, for his rampage at a Minmatar cultural festival in Luminaire which killed 59 and left hundreds wounded.

Karin Midular to be lain in repose

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2013-06-01 11:31By CCP Eterne PATOR - The Sebiestor Tribe has announced that slain Tribal Chief and former Prime MinisterKarin Midular will lie in repose at the Great Caravanserai on Matar for the month of June.

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