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SuVee-Quafe Joint Venture Secures Outside Contract with Kaalakiota

Thursday, 06 December 2018 14:36 Written by
2018-12-06 14:36By Lina Ambre Annaro, The Citadel – Everfresh, a partnership between megacorporations Sukuuvestaa and Quafe, announced its first contract outside the partnership today. News of the contract, which provides food services to Kaalakiota's massive creche infrastructure, preceded a slight…

Maintenance Mayhem as Machinery Mutinies on M-N7WD III

Wednesday, 28 November 2018 18:18 Written by
2018-11-28 18:18By Ret Gloriaxx M-N7WD III, Curse – Angel Cartel-affiliated planetary defense forces have been celebrating after "fighting off an attack by a suspected rogue drone" on the third planet of M-N7WD, today.

Republic and Federation Impose Sanctions on Amarr Empire for "Insufficient Response to Kahah Massacres"

Monday, 26 November 2018 21:55 Written by
2018-11-26 21:55By Lina Ambre Great Caravanserai, Matar – The Minmatar Republic and Gallente Federation governments have approved trade sanctions against the Amarr Empire, as a response to the Empire's handling of the recent violence in the Kahah system.

Ishukone and Hyasyoda Call for Tribunal to Open Case Over Claims of NOH and CBD Smuggling

Thursday, 15 November 2018 19:10 Written by
2018-11-15 19:10By Alton Haveri New Caldari – Ishukone and Hyasyoda have submitted findings from a year-long joint investigation into alleged smuggling by Nugoeihuvi and CBD to the Caldari Business Tribunal, calling on the Caldari intercorporate court to open a case…

Queen Zidarez Claims Kahah Pacification Successful, Criticizes "Foreign Exaggeration" of Casualties

Wednesday, 14 November 2018 20:48 Written by
2018-11-14 20:48By Lina Ambre Khanid Prime – Queen Zidarez Khanid claimed the successful pacification of Kahah in an interview with Dark Amarr News today, her first public appearance since the Deathglow bombings and slave rebellion in that system.

Mysterious Triglavian GalNet Worm Unlocks Abyssal Filament Configuration for Frigates

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 11:01 Written by
2018-11-13 11:01By Ret Gloriaxx Yulai, Genesis – An active information worm attributed to the Triglavian Collective has been deployed to the GalNet fluid router system, reports the Secure Commerce Commission. The purpose of the worm appears to be to interact…

Upwell Consortium Looks Forward to Increased Profits Ahead of 'FLEX' Product Line Launch

Thursday, 08 November 2018 17:14 Written by
2018-11-08 17:14By Lina Ambre 4C-B7X, Outer Ring – In a holomeeting with corporate and institutional investors, Upwell Consortium Chairman Yani Sar Arteu noted the sustained increase in Upwell profits through quarters one to three YC120, and stated that the Consortium…

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